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New Players Get 1000 KudosEdit

If you're under level 5, you can refer someone and get 1000 kudos.

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Progression of the GameEdit


At the start, you almost always put 'moneymakers' into all of the circle things as seen here --

Exceptions is seen here --




power is a resource, but unlike credits

  • power is a shared team resource
  • raquidly generates by itself

what uses power

  • building units
  • when artillery units attack

A usually safe ratio for moneymakers to powergenerator is ?

You can ruin power resource by building many low-credit, high-power units like ??

What's usually killing the power is the bucky- or dillospam

you should use the infrantry that spawns at your base


Quarter 3Edit

  • your fortress gets partial health back, and if you did not receive any damage you get additional money income.

Best Airmech-specific GuidesEdit


AirMechs (Your Hero)Edit


Ranking Of Units by ease + frequency of use

What the units do

How Damage WorksEdit

(Weapon to Armour)

Light does 100% to light, 50% to medium,

10% to heavy and 0 to ultraheavy.

Medium does 100% to light, 100% to medium,

50% to heavy and 10% to ultraheavy.

Heavy does 100% to light, medium and heavy.

50% to ultraheavy.

A blue flash when a unit is hit indicates special damage rules.


Best Streamers To Learn FromEdit

Key StrategiesEdit



  • you can attack the back or side of the enemy base, but attacking the front does 2x more damage
  • aoe does'nt affect forts


Unit PositioningEdit

  • don't group arty as bombers can easily destory them


  • Use mines as radar beacons. If you place them under an enemy tank they aren't visible on the normal small radar. great for keeping an eye on that close outpost that your enemy has just taken and might start amassing tanks at. Use Stasis mines as they can only be deactivated by repair units.


You can use islands to keep infantry from moving to the enemy base.

Airmech huntingEdit

  • carry seekers with you for backup

Unit stackingEdit

Teamwork RulesEdit



Map-specific StrategiesEdit

Small mapsEdit

Twin Peaks

1v1 twin peaks base rush

Medium mapsEdit

Nesthorn (single curvy route map)

3v3 overtime lost 8.13 1v1

Sandrim (map with center island)

3v3 9.3

1v1 8.16

Duel (muti-route, control of center map)

1v1 Duel control of center

Large mapsEdit

Vale 3v3 Vale 8.28

Thar      Crater Chasm  Simple


Game SetupEdit



items do not affect stats as much as Pilots

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